Costs for a one-week stay are USD 200 and USD 700 for one month per person. We would love to have you for any amount of time; obviously for you and for us the longer your stay the more rewarding and beneficial your efforts will be. We make sure that the amount you pay will be allocated into:

1. Host family
The host family provides you accommodation and three meals a day, plus unlimited supply of tea and coffee.
2. Community development activities

• Training and educating local farmers in eco-agriculture and the re-introduction of traditional organic fertilizers. The use of chemical based fertilizers has, over time, drastically reduced soil quality and forced farmers to become dependent on more powerful and expensive variants. We want to break this cycle.
• Funding various kind of relevant trainings and other annual program
3. Education
• Scholarships for local children which will allow them to complete their basic school education. Many families in Sembalun are unable to financially support the education of their children. This means that many children do not finish school and join their families in the fields from a young age.
• Buying supplies for our Community Development Centre – exercise books, pencils, art supplies, computers, desks.
• Providing a salary for our hard-working teachers in the Community Development Centre
4. Environment
• Funding our annual reforestation program. We start planting as soon as the rainy season comes on November, while the seedling process starts around June or July.
• Funding our environmental awareness campaign
5. Operational expenses
During your stay we are responsible for your mobilization and safety; we will appoint a guide who will act as your driver as well as assistance in your daily activities.
6. Cash reserve
We have formulated several long term plans which to our estimation will require a bigger amount of financial support. For this reason we are saving a small percentage from the cash you pay for your volunteering program.

Above are our annual program for the year 2013, there may be other programs come on the way, we are trying to work in a flexible manner to better accommodate a sudden needs and changes.