As a local-based nonprofit organization, we are working at the grassroots level, hand in hand with the local government and related NGOs as we believe that development should position its people as the actors instead of the objects. We continue believing that we should humbly take one step backward by asking our community what they need and how they want to meet those needs.

We enjoy the comfort brought by fruitful development programs and at the same time witness the miseries and sad stories, here and all over the world. We can no longer live without phones and bikes, so suddenly technology has became a necessity. On the other hand, our society is not ready to be confronted to such vast changes that information and technology has brought along. We are switching from a need-based consumption society into a want-based consumption society. The collective changes of social behavior are inevitable.

As young generation, we are obliged to help prepare our community to encounter and handle the external influences in a proper way. We are aware that our task is not an easy one, for that reason we are in need of new ideas and different perspectives in order to formulate a suitable concept of development. We welcome volunteers or other interested parties to come help us plan and implement our programs.

Our position as facilitators require us to balance our opinion and judgment before proceeding to voice our argument or offering alternative solutions. We are the extended hand of our people to speak their aspiration and for our government to better listen and act. And most importantly, we develop our own initiatives and implement them; for we know and understand our people and their problems best.

Considering the complexity of interrelated issues on social, culture, environment and economic our society are facing, we are challenged to create strategies that best accommodate every party`s needs and interests. Also considering our internal resources as an organization, both human and technical; we decided to narrow-down our area of work namely on:


We are working independently providing alternative education in the forms of after-school free English classes for school age kids, guides and porters, and housewives and illiteracy alleviation.

Environmental conservation

Nature provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs but not for every man’s greed. We have witnessed and experienced the consequence of our unjust action towards nature by over exploiting its resources. We encourage our community to do a self- reforestation, water resources preservation, and building awareness on natural conservation and cleanliness.

Organic Farming

Sembalun has a long history of overexploiting its natural resources, including its fertile volcanic soil. In the 1980’s, Garlic became the main product of agriculture in the region. There has been massive deforestations resulting in the eradication of unique habitats and local biodiversity. The use of chemical based fertilizers to boost garlic production in the past and potato at present has, over time, drastically reduced soil quality. This has forced famers to become more and more dependent on powerful and expensive variants of chemical fertilizers. We want to break this cycle by introducing the use of organic fertilizer which we expect will gradually switch the habit.


To enforce local economic growth and sustainability, our organization also established several self-sustained business units by supervising local partners in creative work.


Area mapping and supervising the self-supporting community groups in their activities in the Rinjani Mountain National Park and the area around it.

Skills and Creativity

In order to explore the hidden skills and creativity of the community, especially the younger generation, we conduct trainings in the form of creative works that encourages a balanced use of local resources.