We are a local-based non-profit organization called Community Development Center or CDC Sembalun located in the base of majestic Mount Rinjani volcano. Our organization was officially established early 2009 but we have been working long before that. Our main focus is on community development through self-motivated programs, which has resulted in a significant change in enhancing our community`s quality of life. Along the way, new ideas and perspectives have enlarged our area of concern to now encompass: education, environmental conservation, organic farming, entrepreneurship, ecotourism, skills and creativity.

We are aware of the vast changes encountered by our community, and for that reason we introduce several initiatives to help them prepare.

  • Building awareness on the impact of development in the form of information and technology
  • Exposing them to the outside world through our volunteering program where they are given a chance to experience the glimpse of different culture and way of life and vice versa.
  • Gain new ideas and broader perspectives by interacting with various cultures world wide