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As a non-profit organization, we are trying to act with the spirit of self-sufficiency. The amount we earn from our volunteering program has enabled us to fund our short term programs. But it’s very limited amount couldn`t bring us further in realizing our dreams for a more significance betterment in the community. For that reason, we decided to expand our fund raising activities by acting as a trekking organizer for our fellow volunteers as well as other interested parties. The amounts we earn from this activity together with the volunteering program are allocated to some different posts (see Cost). We also give a special offer for volunteers who are interested to use our service.

mt rinjani trekking
Our Trekking Packages:

Rinjani Trekking
Two days, one night
This program is the shortest program we offer for trekking Rinjani. On the first day, after having breakfast, we will start moving at around 08.00 am. Everything will have been prepared the day before by your guide and porter so there`s nothing you need to worry about, all you have to carry with you is your own personal stuff and a bottle of water. Beautiful scenery will stretch for miles in front of us as we begin the trek. We will walk until the first base camp where we will take a short rest.
After that we will continue walking for another couple of hours before we make a stop for lunch. After eating, a little rest and a good stretch, we will start the climb to the crater rim, and if we are fast enough we will get there just before sunset. Dinner will be served before you realize that you are hungry, and it will be an unforgettable bonfire-lit dinner. You’ll sleep early to get enough rest for a challenging early start the next day.

mount rinjani
On the second day, the guide will knock on your tent door to wake you up at 2.30 am (even earlier if you ask them to). You’ll wake to a light breakfast and the beginning of the trek to the summit. Due to Rinjani’s rapidly changing weather we have limited time to reach the summit before the winds pick up.
After a challenging climb we’ll reach the summit in time to watch the sunrise; an incredibly beautiful, rewarding view of Lombok and Bali awaits us. Our ETA back to the crater rim camp is 08.00am. Breakfast and a couple of relaxing hours await at the camp. When our legs are ready, the tents will be packed up and we will begin our descent to Sembalun.

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