Rinjani Trek Three days, two nights

This program is similar to the two days one night program. However, after the descent from the summit this trek involves an additional walk to Rinjani’s Segara Anak Lake. The trek to the inside of Rinjani will take us more or less three hours; it is very slippery and must be walked with care.

rinjani trek three days
We will arrive at Segara Anak Lake at around midday, and have three hours for lunch, swimming, and relaxing. At 15.00pm you will choose whether to return to Sembalun via the previous route, or via a different route which passes through Rinjani and eventually ends at Senaru village. Your next campsite depends on which route you choose to take back to Sembalun. You will either camp at the Sembalun Crater Rim, Senaru Crater Rim, or alternatively camp a night at Segara Anak Lake.
If you choose to stay overnight at the lake and return via Senaru, on the third day we will start our ascent at around 08.00am and arrive at Senaru ten hours later. If you choose to stay overnight at the Senaru Crater Rim we will arrive at Senaru in the morning of the third day. We will have plenty of time for phototaking and exploring the Senaru village before you and your belongings are driven to your next destination.

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