Rinjani Trek Four days, three nights

This program is similar with the three days, two nights program. However, this program offers you more time to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Rinjani. The third day of this program will give us many opportunities to explore Segara Anak Lake. We will have a lot of time for activities such as swimming, relaxing at the hot springs, fishing, and taking many beautiful photos.

gunung baru jari
On our ascent to the Senaru Crater Rim our guide will show you some beautiful places to take photos and watch the black monkeys, and will tell you a bit about our local medicinal plants. We will arrive at the Senaru Crater Rim on the afternoon of the third day, where our camping ground will be prepared for our last night on Rinjani. After a leisurely breakfast on the fourth day, we will start our descent to Senaru, and arrive at the village at around 10.00am. If you feel strong enough during our descent, our guide will show you our ancient villages and the famous Sendang Gila waterfall.

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