About Us

We are a local-based non-profit organization called Community development Center or CDC Sembalun located in the base of majestic Rinjani volcano. Our organization was officially established early 2009 but we have been working long before that.


Our main focus on community development trough self-motivated programs has resulted in a significant change in enhancing our community`s quality of life.


As a local-based nonprofit organization, we are working with the grass root hand in hand with the local government and related NGOs, as we believe that development should position its people as an actor instead of object.

Vision & Mission

To create a self-sustaining local community who is responsible for and actively engaged in developing local natural and human resources.
• To improve the quality of local natural and human resources through the development of an alternative education program
• To facilitate the development of local talent and creativity by providing required equipment and practical infrastructure
• To facilitate the development of local business
• To support the development of skills of individuals and groups through scholarships and financial awards
• We conduct all forms of activity above in accordance with local socio-cultural and local-genius principles and honor the spirit of mutual assistance.

Vision & MissionJune 7, 2014
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